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#8 – Aragon 0.7 Bella released, DAOstack Alchemy on mainnet, Democracy Earth used by Colorado legislators, and more!
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#8 – Aragon 0.7 Bella released, DAOstack Alchemy on mainnet, Democracy Earth used by Colorado legislators, and more!

#8 – Aragon 0.7 Bella released, DAOstack Alchemy on mainnet, Democracy Earth used by Colorado legislators, and more!

Hello and welcome to DAObase, the home of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and the Organizational Technologies (OrgTech) that power them. If you're new here, check out this introduction to OrgTech and subscribe using this link.

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Project News


  • Aragon 0.7 Bella released, with a simple identity system that lets you custom label Ethereum addresses, a responsive mobile layout, Aragon app upgradeability, an activity panel for monitoring active transactions, and the Aragon Payroll app.
  • Aragon Network Vote #2 stirred up some heated debate. The Web3 Foundation submitted AGP-41, proposing that the Aragon Association holdings be diversified into some DOTs (Polkadot tokens) of up to $1.5M. In response, Ameen Soleimani (MolochDAO) submitted AGP-42, proposing that Aragon should not be permitted to spend any money on Polkadot development moving forward. Stefano Bernardi (Executive Director of Aragon Association) offered some clarifications on the background and implications of AGP-41.
  • Luke Duncan (Aragon Researcher) will be hosting a townhall meeting this evening (Thursday 18th) to discuss all of the AGPs.

Continuous Organizations (by Fairmint)

  • Thibauld Favre (Fairmint founder) spoke at Coinfund. Check out the tweet summary from Devin Walsh (Coinfund analyst).


Democracy Earth

  • Democracy Earth was used in a quadratic voting trial by the Colorado State House of Representatives. 41 legislators were each allocated 100 tokens with which to buy votes across 108 bills. The cost of a given number of votes-per-bill was its square (10 votes for 1 bill = 100 tokens), meaning legislators could get more total votes the less they spent on any one bill. The result of these incentives was a clear long-tail of bills, with the most valued bill (Equal Pay for Equal Work Act) receiving 60 votes.

Edgeware (by Commonwealth Labs)

  • Quantstamp completed an audit of Edgeware's lockdrop smart contract.


  • Released StrongForce, a C# smart contract framework using Tendermint consensus and integrated with Cosmos SDK. More details here.

Brain Food

Beyond OrgTech

  • The New Science of How to Argue - Constructively: Spurred by the growing incivility of online discourse, a new scientific field is emerging: erisology - "the study of unsuccessful disagreement". The goal is to better understand how debates can spiral into unproductive disagreement, such as in the failure to "decouple" factual claims from the context of how their potential interpretations might conflict with ideologies, and thereby promote healthier online discourse.
  • Behind Every Robot Is a Human: "Silicon Valley would have us believe that AI is smart enough to replace humans, when in reality it only works because of the role of hidden human labor in creating and maintaining these loops." A critique of Silicon Valley's obscuration of the role of humans in automation's last mile.
  •'s Parent Company Announces Happy Tools, a New Suite of Products for the Future of Work: The first product, Happy Schedule, helps manage the schedules of remote employees and plan for 24/7 customer support.


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