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#3 – KyberDAO, DAO wiki, Kleros book, and more!
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#3 – KyberDAO, DAO wiki, Kleros book, and more!

#3 – KyberDAO, DAO wiki, Kleros book, and more!

Hello and welcome to DAObase, the home of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and the Organizational Technologies (OrgTech) that power them. If you're new here, check out this introduction to OrgTech and subscribe using this link.

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Project News




Continuous Organizations (by Fairmint)




P2P Models

Pando Network



Brain Food

  • The Crypto-Governance Age Is Here: A primer on crypto-governance, which argues that we should work towards true on-chain governance, and predicts the emergence of "Moonshot" capital allocation DAOs a la "The DAO".
  • Crowdfunding the Commons: An introduction to Pactful, an interface for curve bonded crowdfunding campaigns and commons governance.
  • DAO: How can it help NGOs?: DAOs could help NGOs reduce overhead and fraud in data reporting processes.

Beyond OrgTech

  • Monitoring & surveillance technologies shift power dynamics in the workplace: These tools are used to make decisions about compensation and impose workflow changes based on performance, but they can suffer from bias, inaccuracy, and information asymmetry.
  • The Return of the Manager?: An overview of what it takes to adopt self-managing organizational structures: cultures should shift from a control-focus to a service-focus, in which frontline teams are customers of internal teams, and boundaries should be clearly defined between hierarchies and networks.
  • The Servant Economy: Checking back in on the gig economy, which the author argues is nothing more than platform servitude driven by widening income inequality.
  • The Sharing Economy Was Always a Scam: A similar article, arguing that the sharing economy has shirked its communal roots, instead drifting towards centralized control and rent-seeking. Ends with a nod to cooperative ownership and the cynical implication that blockchains' grand promises are just more of the same.
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