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#13 – dxDAO and PolkaDAO live, Colony mainnet release candidate deployed, introducing Aragon Fundraising, and more!
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#13 – dxDAO and PolkaDAO live, Colony mainnet release candidate deployed, introducing Aragon Fundraising, and more!

#13 – dxDAO and PolkaDAO live, Colony mainnet release candidate deployed, introducing Aragon Fundraising, and more!

Hello and welcome to DAObase, the home of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and the Organizational Technologies (OrgTech) that power them. If you're new here, check out this introduction to OrgTech and subscribe using this link.

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Project News


  • Introducing Aragon Fundraising. Based on Vitalik Buterin's proposal for DAICOs, Luke Duncan's research on "emergent organizations", and Billy Rennekamp's batched bonding curve mechanism, this app will enable Aragon-based DAOs to run transparent and accountable ICOs. The DAO's use of funds is naturally transparent, since everything is managed (and can be audited) on-chain, and accountability is enforced by segmenting funds between a reserve and discretionary pool. Mainnet release targeted for this summer.
  • Futarchy Courts. Aragon Court seeks to protect minority stakeholders by providing neutral arbitrators that will protect their individual rights. Disputes will be handled by default at the lowest level of authority, but can be escalated by appeal to higher authorities. Jurors are only rewarded if their verdict aligns with the ruling of a higher authority, so they are incentivized to resolve disputes fairly. The final authority (e.g. supreme court) is a futarchy decision market. Luke Duncan (Aragon Researcher) explains this mechanism in more detail and frames it in relation to traditional court systems.
  • Aragon One mid-2019 Roadmap Update. 30% of the roadmap is complete, including custom labels, Aragon Agent smart contracts, app upgrades, a mobile app, and further research into Aragon Court. Moving forward, they will work with Autark on user profiles, with Aragon Black on the Fundraising app, on a UI for Aragon Agent, budgeting and recurrent payments for the Finance app, implementing Aragon Court, and more.
  • Autark / Open Work Labs - May 2019 Update. They have completed development of the Forwarder API (which will enable better communication between Aragon apps), user profiles, and an MVP home page for DAOs. They are beginning work on Dynamic Forwarding and integrating an upgraded StandardBounties contract into the Projects app. These current two tasks will need to be completed before they can launch That Planning Suite on mainnet.
  • Aragon Network Vote #2 Review. John Light (Aragon Community) evaluates the latest vote. Some things that went well: voting app UX, proposal process followed more closely than in ANV #1, better communication and community spirit overall. Some things that could be improved: several proposals were submitted last minute without adequate input from the wider community, and one wealthy voter was able to swing several votes at the last second.
  • Can Crypto Change How We Run Organizations? - Blockcrunch Podcast. Luis Cuende discusses who Aragon is targeting, what their go-to-market strategy is, and why Aragon is interested in Polkadot.


  • Introducing Glider. Colony's mainnet release candidate (Glider) has been deployed to the Görli Ethereum testnet. This release won't have the full whitepaper functionality; you'll be able to create a new colony, create your colony's internal token (or import any ERC-20 token), manage tasks and payments within single-level domains, assign permissions on a role basis, and more. Colony's reputation system can be used to proportionally distribute rewards, but will not influence permissions at this stage.


Democracy Earth


  • PoW #02: Releasing ditExplorer v0.1. ditExplorer is a webUI which visualises the voting/staking processes occurring during dit code merge requests, displays contributor profiles along with their xDAI/xDIT balance and knowledge tokens (KNW) in different areas of expertise, and lists the results of past proposals. As per the previous PoW, dit is now live on POA Network's xDAI network, enabling you to stake and vote for code changes in a GitHub repository with xDAI. Check out the docs here for a guide on downloading, installing, and demoing the ditCLI.




MetaCartel DAO

Brain Food

  • Conviction Voting: From ad-hoc voting to continuous voting. Conviction Voting is an application of continuous voting in which your vote accumulates more power over time if you don't change it. It is argued that this mechanism will be more agile and secure than traditional majority voting, which may make it more effective in cases where true democracy is not required. Check out the original research proposal here.
  • A Tale of Two DAOs and the Rise of Contributor Experience. The quality of experience for a contributor engaging with a DAO could make or break the success of that DAO and its network. A comparison between DAOstack and Decred's proposal flows highlights different approaches to "Contributor Experience"; easy proposals mean more noise, difficult proposals could mean no noise at all.
  • Launching Digital Guilds on OpenLaw & Ethereum. Using Aragon and OpenLaw, you can create a digital guild with a tribute system a la MolochDAO. Technical details and steps outlined in this article.

Beyond OrgTech

  • Organization Science have put out a call for papers on "Emerging Technologies and Organizing", mentioning blockchain. "From organizational boundaries to employment relationships... This Special Issue seeks to advance scholarly understanding of how these theories and ideas need to evolve in the context of these new technologies." This could be the perfect opportunity to spread awareness of OrgTech and DAOs in the academic community.


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