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#10 – Colony goes modular, dxDAO has a new launch date, MyBit launches an Aragon DAO, and more!
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#10 – Colony goes modular, dxDAO has a new launch date, MyBit launches an Aragon DAO, and more!

#10 – Colony goes modular, dxDAO has a new launch date, MyBit launches an Aragon DAO, and more!

Hello and welcome to DAObase, the home of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and the Organizational Technologies (OrgTech) that power them. If you're new here, check out this introduction to OrgTech and subscribe using this link.

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Project News


  • Final results from Aragon Network Vote #2. Notably, both the proposal to invest in Polkadot and the rival proposal to restrict investment in Polkadot were rejected, suggesting that ANT holders reject Ethereum maximalism but disagreed with the nature of Polkadot's proposal. This notion is reinforced by the approval of the Edgeware Lockdrop proposal. Also of note, Aragon Black officially became the third Aragon Flock team.
  • Brett Sun, lead developer at Aragon One, tweeted a thread explaining the work that went into the Aragon client.
  • MyBit created an identity app for their Aragon DAO: MyID. To join the DAO, an applicant takes a picture of themselves holding a piece of paper with their Ethereum address on it, then the DAO votes on whether to add that address to the whitelist. Read more about MyBit's DAO here, here, and here.
  • Autark April 2019 Update. A progress report on the work they've been doing with the funding they received in Aragon Network Vote #1. This work includes Aragon user profiles, organization homepages, and That Planning Suite which launched on the Rinkeby testnet last week.


  • Q2 2019 Update. Ahead of their mainnet launch, Colony has made major protocol improvements that realize a more modular vision of the Colony Network, one that will enable Colony to support a broader variety of use cases than just DAOs. A new payment function simplifies fund transfers, in cases where the task function might be too complex, and can be enhanced with smart contract extensions like escrow and performance review. Permissions are now divided into classes (Funding, Administration, Arbitration, Architecture, Root) which can be assigned to accounts/contracts within different domains and reconfigured for a range of use cases; some technical examples outlined inside. Private beta testing is now open to applications; details and other updates inside.





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